Shropshire businessman highlights apprentice roles

By SDE Technology
schedule7th Mar 18

A Shropshire businessman believes apprenticeships allow many people to achieve their potential.

Chris Greenough, commercial director of Salop Design & Engineering, has highlighted the importance of National Apprenticeship Week, which runs until Friday this week.

The week will see businesses, schools, colleges and individuals celebrating and raising the profile of the vocational route into employment and business.

He said: “For some, the apprenticeship route is the best way for them to achieve their potential. For many, this route allows them to show their potential to the employer, they can learn and earn, and make their mark on a role.

“Only by showing the opportunities that exist through all routes into business and employment, can we really allow the next generation to make an informed choice on their future. Some may favour the traditional educational route, some may prefer the vocational apprenticeship route. There are opportunities for all.”

Last year the Government pledged to work with hundreds of industry partners throughout 2018 to encourage young people and their parents to take a closer look at engineering.

Launched in response to an estimated shortfall of 20,000 engineering graduates a year, and growing reports from industry that the skills shortage is having a significant impact on productivity and growth the so-called ‘Year of Engineering’ hopes to galvanise industry, MPs, parents and teachers in a national push to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Mr Greenough added: “At Salop Design we have a passion and enthusiasm for our industry sector, and as this is also the year of engineering, it is a great time to show the roles and opportunities that the manufacturing sector has.

“Engineering is all about coming up with solutions to problems, designing products and services, and making improvements to existing processes that add value to day to day lives. Engineering is not just a valuable role within business, it is a key role that this country needs to enable us to make more fantastic product, and in these post Brexit times making more home product means having more control of our economy.

“Engineering becomes a way of life, engineers think in different ways, looking to see how things are made and understanding why they are made in the way they are. Engineers take things to bits to help understand the composition of the build.”