Shrewsbury manufacturer announces investment in new equipment and jobs

By SDE Technology
schedule30th Apr 18

A Shropshire pressings specialist has announced plans to invest about £300,000 in the business and create new jobs.
Salop Design & Engineering Ltd, based in Shrewsbury, is investing in equipment for heavy gauge fabrications.

Creating six full-time roles initially, the company said a further 10 are planned in the fabrication area later this year.

To be branded as Salop Precision Fabrications, this along with its haulage company Salop Haulage Ltd, means that it now has four clear brands. The other two are Salop Design and Salop Powder Coating.

Christopher Greenough, commercial director, said: "Salop Design is actively looking to maintain and grow our market position as the one of the leading metal press workers in the UK. Only by looking at the competition, and seizing opportunities can we continue to stay ahead of the rest and thrive.

"We are investing in the business to access new sectors that will bolster our current workload, and be investments for future jobs and revenue for the region.

"This is an exciting time for UK manufacturing, and Salop Design will continue to invest, expand, and continue in a sustainable growth plan."