Salop Design Welcomes New Apprentices

By SDE Technology
schedule25th Jul 14

Over 35 applied for places at the Shrewsbury-based company which runs the apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with In-Comm Training & Business Services. From the 35 who applied for the apprenticeship scheme 15 were invited to Salop Design & Engineering for a tour and interview.

The three who made it through the interview process joined the company on Monday 7 July. Alex Owen, 17 from Shrewsbury, Alex Malam, 18, from Wem and Connor MacRae, 17, from Shrewsbury will gain invaluable on-the-job experience while achieving additional industry-respected qualifications.

Director Christopher Greenough said: “Apprenticeships is a great way of training our future engineers, it gives them experience of learning skills on the job whilst gaining industry recognised qualifications at the same time.

“The UK engineering industry is going to have a shortage of engineers in the next few years so we need to be developing the next generation of engineers now.”

Mentoring the apprentices is John Butler who joined the company as an apprentice in October 1996. John said: “Having been an apprentice it is great that I can now help future engineers learn and develop their own skills. Our new team members will be working in all areas of the company, they will gain practical experience as well as knowledge. “When I joined as an apprentice I never imagined I one day would be mentoring others.”

Apprentice, Alex Owen said: “My Dad is an engineer, so I’m following in his footsteps. I’m currently working in the tool room and learning everything I can. There is a real need for accuracy in engineering and I’m looking forward to putting my knowledge and skills to the test.”

Alex Malam, said: “My Granddad was an engineer and it’s an industry I have always been interested in being part of. I’m really pleased to be part of the team at Salop Design and look forward to establishing my career here.”

Connor MacRae added: “I’ve always wanted to work in engineering, my Dad is a maintenance engineer and I’m currently working in the maintenance department, it’s great that I’m learning new skills whilst gaining qualifications that will help my future career in engineering.”

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