Salop Design Supporting NAW2016

By SDE Technology
schedule14th Mar 16

We are a tier 2 metal pressing and assembly’s manufacturer based in Shrewsbury. We have been in business in Shrewsbury for 50 years.

We have seen dramatic growth in our sector over the last 12 to 18 months, and now see, as all businesses is Shropshire do, that the skills gap is the biggest factor stopping our business from growing. National Apprenticeship Week is aimed at helping close the skills gap.

At Salop Design we are committed to raising awareness of apprenticeships, we are working with local schools to show that a vocational learning route is as important, and indeed more beneficial to some youngsters, than staying on at school to take further exam courses.

But, it is important to say, that the apprenticeship route can actually be the start of a path to a degree. So it is not that an apprenticeship is a way out of learning, indeed it can be the start of life long learning.

Mirroring the theme from the Government, we see a real need in Shropshire, for business to work with training providers, and to that end we have teamed up with In-Comm Training to provide bespoke, engineering apprenticeships from our site. This is our commitment to help ensure all Shropshire businesses have access to the training they need.

Apprenticeships are truly the very best way to get young people into your business, the apprentice not only gets the chance to earn and learn, but they also get to know your business; the machines, the people and more importantly the way you want them to be involved in your business.

You have the chance, as an employer, to work with and help shape the apprentice, so you both get value from the working relationship. You are investing in the future of the apprentice, and also the future of your company. 

We have taken on, over the last two years, a total of 5 apprentices – they all have a different skill set, and different personalities. They are all starting on the road of learning, and our aim is to make sure they get all the skills they require to become life-long engineers. We, as a business don’t want people who can just make things, we want people who know why they are making those things the way they are.

We want people who understand how things work, and have a real grasp of manufacturing. This is our commitment as a business to Shropshire, this is our corporate social responsibility, and this is how we intend to close the skills gap and help more businesses succeed.

The most important work I see that we can do as business, is work with schools and colleges to make sure that all young people have the necessary knowledge of business, we need to show them the fantastic opportunities within our companies. We need to convince the youth of today that we have the jobs that will provide them with a secure future. I am working and speaking with as many schools as possible to make sure that young people have all the information they need to make an informed decision on their futures.

Take a look at your current workforce, are they an ageing workforce? Are they a local workforce? Are they a very skilled workforce?

If the answer to any, or all of these questions is YES, then you need to have a look at apprenticeships. They will make a difference to your business, they will make a really positive impact, they will enthuse your staff and bring new life to your business.