Salop Powder Coating Helps Again

Member News

When Christopher Greenough, Director of Salop Powder Coating, heard about the great work being done by the pupils at Adams Grammar School in Newport, he was pleased to get involved and help.

The pupils have started a Life Bikes project, which is a new direction for both the school and for Design and Technology education in the UK.

The pupils are directly involved in product design, bike design, frame design and build. And also progress onto designing bike parts and accessories.

The scheme has seen the school build from scratch 21 bikes this Year and all of these have been painted at Salop Powder Coating, in an array of colours that the pupils picked.

Christopher said, “This is a great way for us to get involved, and add real value into education. The pupil’s bikes are fantastic and it’s great to have been given the opportunity to help. The bright coloured frames looked great, but I believe the pupil’s favourite was the black gloss, as it had a real shine effect”.